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Its Purpose and Mission 

No myths, mantras or magic potions
— just practical insights into becoming a more joyfully self-aware human being.

Accelerating Your Conscious Evolution is an educational website whose mission is to assist you in finding greater joy in life. This is done by offering enlightenment courses in self-awareness whose insights can inspire you to achieve a greater level of happiness and inner contentment.

Beneath this simple explanation is a complex process of "accelerating your conscious evolution" by drawing upon your own inner wisdom to guide you. Using uncommon insights and thought provoking new ways of perceiving yourself in relation to our world, you are assisted in being the most joyfully authentic version of yourself rather than a poor imitation of someone else. And naturally, you'll be happier for it.

For those ready to make genuine spiritual progress toward greater self-knowledge and worldly wisdom, you have found your way to the right place.

Note: You can find a more personalized history of this unique website and its founder, Roland Kriewaldt, in the links above.


The Ultimate Reality Check

A Self-Awareness Course

Free your mind; let your inner wisdom guide you to become a more joyfully authentic version of yourself.

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How do I enrol?

First of all, thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Online Enlightenment Courses at Your open-minded curiosity has created an opportunity for you to engage in a unique and inspirational adventure of the mind and spirit.

That inner journey begins by viewing the selection of available courses to find a topic that most appeals to you. When you click on a "learn more" button, you will arrive at a more detailed course explanation that contains links to enrol in the full course or its accompanying "courselet," if one is available.

A Courselet can be a complete "mini-course" on a particular topic, or a sampling of what the full course has to offer. Each is designed as a quick, spontaneous learning experience for you to enjoy at a low cost and time commitment.

Once you click on the enrol button, you will arrive at the course payment area. Here you can safely and securely choose to pay for your desired course via Paypal, Stripe or other available payment option.

IMPORTANT! When registering, please fill in the part of the form that asks you to create a user name and password. This ensures your immediate access to a chosen course by logging in after payment is complete. Security measures are also in place to protect your account privileges. For this reason, please do not share your login information with anyone to avoid membership disputes.

Also, please note that some courses use a "droplet" teaching technique. As in a regular school, a specific amount of course information is released each day to ensure that you are not overwhelmed by an "information overload." This will help you to better absorb what you are learning.

If you encounter any problems or have site-related issues, use the "support" link in the main menu for customer assistance. This is only available to course subscribers.

Enrollment entitles you to one full year's access to a course from date of payment, unless a specific time limit is indicated for a particular course.

And above all, enjoy yourself here. This is not a test but an adventure of self-discovery in our shared human quest for joy. Subsequently, there is no need to feel performance anxiety or pressure to pass a grade. You learn and grow at your own comfortable pace.

Hopefully this has given you sufficient insight into the enrollment process to choose with confidence a course for your personal development. Now here's a little Reality Check course to get you started.

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Site Navigation Menus

Most people will intuitively find their way around a website, but for those who need more detailed information, here it is.

The homepage menu features links to:


This page is meant for general announcements so that returning visitors can read about new courses or changes to the website.


This is the page you are currently viewing and acts like a FAQ and information portal. There are links to information about the website and its founder, Roland Kriewaldt, as well as articles about what this website can offer you. There are also helpful instructions about enrollment and the navigation menus

All Courses:

This page lists all available enlightenment courses. Once again, Realitycheckers is still evolving, so you can expect to see new and exciting enlightenment courses being added to that page over time.


The login link leads to two separate login links. One is for the paid course delivery system, the other to the delivery of free Courses. Each has its own installation for security reasons and also for administrative expedience.

The homepage header contents remain identical throughout all webpages until you login to the course delivery area where another menu awaits.

Once you log in to a course, a course header menu provides you with links specific to all registered course members. These are:

My Courses:

This link leads to a list of the courses in which you have enrolled. There are easy to read instructions to ensure that you always know how to navigate to your courses.

My Account:

This link allows you to login to your courses account. Once logged in, it leads to a page where you can change your account settings, such as contact info and password.

Help Desk:

This links leads to a course specific help page as well as a link for email support that is only available to registered members.


The enrol button leads to the "store" section where you can enrol into any course using various payment gateways. An SSL Certificate is used to assure that your personal information and privacy are protected. Click here to learn more about site security and privacy policies.


Website Security & Ethics

Protecting your purchases and right to privacy

Secure SSL Encryption uses secure SSL encryption to protect your personal account information — this is confirmed by either a lock icon or "https" in your browser's address window when logging in or purchasing a course. Furthermore, all online purchases are made offsite via Paypal, Stripe, and other trusted payment services. Here's why:

Using offsite payment services means that your credit card number is not stored on a local server database but remains with those financial institutions or internet companies that you know and trust. This allows you to focus on deciding which course to take rather than worrying about your credit card information. In taking this approach, your decision will be an easier one to make.

You Are Not For Sale

Your email address will never be sold to third party marketers because is in the business of educating people — not selling them as "leads" to generate extra income.

In aspiring to make a trusted sanctuary of enlightened learning, I intend to make your experience here both safe and rewarding, In this way, you might also feel encouraged to tell your friends about this enlightening — and ethical — new adventure in online education that you've discovered.


Terms and Conditions

No Fine Print, Just The Facts!

At, terms and site policies are presented to you in legible text and easy to understand terms. Better still, there are only a few points you need to consider.

The More Obvious Terms and Conditions

1) All sales are final; there are no refunds. This policy is enforced not out of greed but because, unlike a pair of pants, you cannot return written information you have already read. Once you have accessed a course and viewed its contents, you have effectively "consumed" the product. And that process cannot be undone because you cannot return the information learned from the course — unless I can get my hands on one of those Men In Black flash light type memory wipers; that might work.

To avoid such problems, you are provided with adequate information upfront to make a well-informed decision about enrolling in any course. Furthermore, the purchase price is kept low to ensure that you get the most for your money.

2) You cannot share your account with others. Security measures are in place to prevent the sharing of a single account by multiple users. If suspicious activity is detected, a warning will be issued to you. If you ignore it, your account will be terminated and you will lose your tuition fee and all membership privileges.

3) You cannot copy, reprint or reproduce course material, graphics or photogaphs originating from the website. 

Everything here is original ©Roland Kriewaldt material. However, there may be some use of public domain photographs (via WIKIpedia or other public sources) to illustrate ideas or concepts. The are (or should be) declared in the footnotes of courses and are the only material from this website that can be legally copied or shared. Everything else is a no-no. 

On a related note: encourages individual self-expression, which cannot be achieved by  being a cheap knock-off of someone else.  Fortunately, many people already know and live by this wisdom. 

4) Access to any course is provided for a full year from the date of your enrollment. This is merely to declare, for legal reasons, your time limit for access to any course, in case something unpredictable happens on day #366 after enrollment. However, your access may be prolonged at the discretion of Either way, you have plenty of time to learn, or motivate yourself to start a course before your access period ends. But don't wait too long.  Try to put off procrastinating for as long as possible. :)

The Less Obvious Terms and Conditions

5) does not offer mental health treatment, nor should any of the course material on this website be construed as a form of mental health therapy. If you choose to use the advice or insights contained in any of these courses, it is done at your own risk.

That said, I truly believe that anyone who is of sound mind can achieve an even "sounder" mind by taking these courses. I believe in these courses and in the transformative healing power of greater humanity. In short, I believe in you. 

And finally,

6) is not responsible if you should get fired for taking these enlightenment courses during work hours. However, there is nothing to stop you from having outlandish, full mental contact enlightenment parties at home. And who knows, maybe your boss takes courses here, too. 

• • •

For those who made the effort, thank you for taking the time to read this. Hopefully this will satisfy everyone's lawyers so that they can get back to the business of playing golf. 


Future Plans and Ambitions

Big Dreams, Big Risks

In Hindsight began in November of 1999 with a simple agenda: to share the articles I had written on a wide range of topics related to self-awareness and personal freedom. Over the years, I also sold my self-published books here and had a dedicated mailing list of people who enjoyed my work. 

There were some memorable highlights along the way, such as when Rob Brezsny, the world's most syndicated astrologer, featured my book, Reality Check, in his newsletter. It was a self-published little gift book that even sold at the University of Toronto Bookstore and is the reason why I own a handmade Djembe drum and Rugby sweatshirt from South Africa; I received them in exchange for copies of my book from a man who had no access to Paypal in Johannesburg, SA. Cool, eh?

Working alone with only my inner guidance to lead the way, these unique forms of validation were a blessing to me. I'm happy that so many people found joy in the spiritual work to which I have dedicated my life.

Book Publishing and Future Courses

During this time, I also completed the final draft of my "epic" book on the pursuit of happiness. This gave me a much clearer vision of what needed to become. Today, these online courses are an extension of my writing on the spiritual psychology of protecting our inherent Joy and mental freedom from being undermined by others. 

My greatest thrill in creating online courses is that I was able to use cherished writings from my manuscript that I had to leave out of the final draft for various practical reasons. In having created a massive cache of written material and ideas, I can now rework them into a lesson form. An example of this is seen in the Energy Vampires 101 and Food For Thought courses, which began as part of a chapter on creating happier relationships. In hindsight, I realize that these unique idea presentations seemed destined to become course lessons — a joyful epiphany in that I had never imagined this at the start.

Presently, new courses are underway as I also prepare my manuscript to be seen by reputable publishers. As for the future, will always reflect my personal spiritual journey to free minds and create a more joyful world for all to share. If you enjoy my way of thinking, you'll always have an online home to return to whenever the world stops making sense.

On a practical note, I will probably add some video courses, as well as a member's forum. I may also sell ebooks again, and even some unique merchandise featuring phrases or drawings that make an enlightening statement.

Beyond that, I await further instructions from within —just like everyone else. 


Is This Another Weird Cult?

A Reasonable Question

In A Word, "No!"

Personally, this would also by my first question because I was never a "joiner" of groups except groups of musicians and am fiercely independent, mentally. I also wanted to address this question because it gives me a chance to rant about how mentally adrift our world is at present.

First of all, let me assure you that I have no desire to be anyone's daddy or spiritual guru. I have no children and certainly do not want them in the form of emotionally dependent adults seeking a father or mother figure to take responsiblity for their decisions in life. weans people of such mental dependencies and spiritual weaknesses and therefore does not encourage this kind of child-like "cult of personlity" mindset. You are your own savior — so get busy saving yourself!

Secondly, there is a general suspicion concerning the term "spiritual." Here is a word that has been co-opted by organized religion and cults alike, as well as new age franchisees, causing it to be associated with social control belief systems, or giving herds of shallow, superstitious people yet another reason to buy souvenirs instead of making a genuine effort to explore themselves at a deeper level. Hence, the slogan: No myths, mantras or magic potions — just practical insights into becoming a more joyfully self-aware human being.

I'll leave the rest of this rant for my personal website. But I think you get the idea. This is a sanctuary away from leaders, greed and any kind of "follow me!" herd mentality because it reflects my own inherent values and desire for mental freedom as I guide my life toward greater joy. 

I would eventually like to add a forum for people to communicate their thoughts and ideas with one another about courses they have taken. However, I'm apprehensive about doing that because I know spammers will waste no time in filling up the board with ads for porn and magic pills. We'll see...

Hopefully you now feel more confident to SIGN UP for an online enlightenment course knowing that there is no "Hell" to pay, nor a need to mortgage your house to finance the insanities of some self-deluded cult leader. It's just me, Roland, trying to do my fair share for the world as best I can.