Presented by Roland Kriewaldt

Accelerating Your Conscious Evolution

The Ultimate Reality Check—Series 1

A Self-Awareness Course

Instructor: Roland Kriewaldt
Course Duration: 30+ days
Content Includes: 10 Reality Checks /Lessons

Topics covered in full course: Happiness, Success, Pride, Insecurity, Wealth, Motivation, Spirituality, Religion, Politics and Intuition.

Is there a means to your happiness
that doesn't require others to change?

Did you notice a shift in your mental perspective from reading this loaded question? This is because you were being guided to think in an unfamililar way about your approach to creating joy. Now consider how many people are needlessly suffering from anger and frustration because their strategy for achieving a happy life depends on waiting for everyone else to change to their liking. Sounds pretty naive, doesn't it? Yet even our leaders think this way in wanting us to conform to their vision of society. So what is the right answer?

This is where The Ultimate Reality Check shines in helping you to overcome this and many other mental pitfalls to realizing your inherent joy potential. Using provocatively loaded questions and mind-expanding perspectives, this enlightening journey of self-discovery empowers you with astounding new insights about yourself and your relationship to life itself. Through this course, you can:

  • Expand your self-awareness
  • Find the right answers for you
  • Become more focussed and decisive
  • Awaken to deeper self-knowledge
  • Revitalize your relationship to life.
  • Feel inspired to be a happier "you"

What might the future have in store for a newly-inspired and wiser you? Find out now by enrolling in The Ultimate Reality Check, a truly unique and enlighening self-awareness course. The answers are waiting inside.