Presented by Roland Kriewaldt

Accelerating Your Conscious Evolution

Energy Vampires 101

A Social-Awareness Course

Instructor: Roland Kriewaldt
Course Duration: 30+ days (full course)
Content Includes: 14 Profiles / Lessons

Topics covered in full course: Identification and motives of The Preemptive Striker, The Hypocritic, The Poor Rich Man, The Sexual Decoy & others.

Is someone in your life trying to make you feel weak, inferior or incompetent in their efforts to manipulate you?

Perhaps you have encountered an Energy Vampire. Learn to protect yourself and your society against these parasitic exploiters of humankind. The Energy Vampires 101 course will teach you to:

  • Identify 14 types of energy vampires
  • Understand their motivates
  • Learn how to avoid them
  • Regain trust in yourself
  • Defend your self-esteem from attack

Energy Vampires 101 introduces you to many kinds of social manipulators who inhabit our world so you can avoid falling into their selfish traps. Identify and escape "energy vampire" relationships with those who want to drain you of your time, money, vitality or even your hope and trust in humanity.

More than ever, it is time to be mentally alert about those who are set upon undermining our joy and eliminating our freedom. Enrol today.