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We live in a time of great distraction away from ourselves. Today, the intrusive forces of mass media, politics and economy keep us perpetually looking outward for our every truth and means to happiness. Compounding their diversions is an institutionalized approach to public education that is more an exercise in memory retention than a legitimate means to self-awareness and mastery of the mind.

Elsewhere, many religions behave just like fast-food franchises, where we rush in to pay the least in time and effort for some depleted morsel of “truth” about our place within life's enduring mystery.

 Taught to always look beyond ourselves, we have created cultures of joyless, self-disoriented sensory addicts who impulsively look outward for those answers that can only be found within. And yet, to openly question this malignant trend of ignoring our inner quality of life may cause us to be ridiculed or even persecuted. Fearing such punishment, our self-imposed exile into silence only serves to protect all that is diminishing our joy and destroying our world.

As human beings, we are spiritual explorers residing within a fully mobile biological vessel. And like any living creature, we are not designed for a life of capitivity as anonymous, tax-generating units and habitual “consumers” of mass produced goods. Subsequently, we are also not in need of mental repair when feeling out of place as we stumble toward some vague notion of a "better" world as envisioned by bankers, brokers and business cartels. Nor are we crazy for feeling lost or alone in societies that define "community" as groups of economically partitioned homeowners living on the same street, or strangers sharing their every trivial thought with us over the internet. Life is more than 140 text characters deep, and so are you.

What Can Offer You?

As you stare at your screen, wondering what this website is all about, consider that for the price of a cheap bottle of wine, you can learn more here about making yourself happy than in any shopping mall or night school self-improvement course. At, it is recognized that the happier we are as individuals, the happier we will be as societies. ...evidence-based insights that encourage returning to your rightful place as the source of love and power in your life.Subsequently, the nurturing of our individual joy is the priority here. Instead of being socially engineered to "fit in," we encourage you to follow your own inner guidance and answer for yourself that most essential question in anyone's life—“Who am I?” Here, success is not a social contest, but the act of realizing your inherent joy potential as a fully actualized and emotionally complete human being.

In facilitating that goal, each Online Enlightenment Course delivers useful, evidence-based insights that encourage returning to your rightful place as the source of love and power in your life. And with each step forward, you will “know thyself” better and what you truly need, thereby making you a more insightful and potent decision-maker in determining the course of your life. And better still, you may discover that some daunting obstacle to your personal success is just a state of mind that you can change in less time than it takes to enroll in a course.

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