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A Matter of Trust

Hi there, I'm Roland Kriewaldt, founder of I appreciate that you are taking the time to learn more about my website, which has been sharing insightful content since it began in 1999. Hopefully in offering you some more information about myself, you will feel confidant in taking my online enlightenment courses.

First of all, I want you to know that I struggled with the decision to include my name on this website. Although these courses are the product of my own creativity and life experiences, I want the focus to be on your personal journey of awakening, not on me.

I also want participants to lead themselves rather than treat me as a kind of a spiritual guru or father figure. My goal is to free people's minds from their various mental enclosures so that we are all better equipped to experience our inherent joy potential. For that role, I do not have to be standing at center stage.

However, I also realize that many of us buy products or services and also adopt ideas based on our trust in a certain "brand," whether a brand of television, entertainer or a brand of thinker, such as Carl Jung, Einstein or Buddha. For that reason, I also want to earn your trust in my brand of thinking so that you associate my name with self-awareness courses or books that are unique, credible and of a high standard. And so, here I am, putting myself upfront and center for the moment to earn your valued trust.

My Kundalini Awakening

My own journey of enlightenment officially began in 1993 with a powerful "Kundalini Awakening." This sparked in me a surge of interest in spiritual psychology, most specifically in our shared human quest for joy. 

As my "inner" eyes opened, I began to see how we were all struggling to live happier lives within societies that seemed designed to defeat that purpose. After all, how are we to find joy within us if our attention is always being drawn outward toward buying a bigger home or a faster-acting mood drug as a joy substitute? It makes no sense. Yet few trapped on this so-called "hedonic treadmill" ever stop to think about it because they're too busy planning their next purchase.

My spiritual awakening also taught me that joy is at the essence of our being. However, its flow is often impeded by the challenge of living in a physical body and also our adopting of joy-inhibiting belief systems. A money-centric culture, for instance, will teach us to buy our joy at a shopping mall rather than seek it within ourselves. In this way, our collective quest for joy can also be "systematically" compromised by shared beliefs that cause us to always look outward, whether for love, power or truth.

When any joy-defeating belief spreads to other cultures, it can create a global epidemic of spiritual misery that no amount of shopping or praying will ever cure. This is also why so many turn to alcohol and other forms of sensory addiction to escape their inner pain. Compounding that misery are institutionalized forms of racial, gender, class and religious bigotry that cause even more joyless divisions within every society. 

As a result, many of us are being held prisoner by beliefs that can have us feeling doubtful and insecure as we attempt to reach for joy. Yet escaping our ways of thinking it not so easy because we can become fearfully attached to them, even if they cause us to feel miserable. As such, the cynic who gains nothing for seeing life in the worst possible light will nonetheless cling to his joyless life perspective as though his very survival depended on it.

Fortunately, most people are unwilling to sacrifice their joy for a life of misery. Yet our beliefs can often be anchored in fears of dire consequences for abandoning them. As such, we can behave like members of a religious cult in fearing to step outside of the familiar bounds of our painful life routines. We all need a little push of encouragement in getting over the walls beyond which our greater joy awaits, and that is also what my enlightenment courses can provide.

A Self-Awareness Facilitator

My dramatic Kundalini Awakening left me with a forensic ability to identify the mental obstacles that can inhibit our quest for joy. As such, my Enlightenment Courses are designed to help you increase your awareness of those mental barriers so that you can free your mind to enjoy a more open-hearted, creatively inspired and emotionally fulfilling life.

I am best described as a "Self-Awareness Facilitator" in that I am here to remind you that you are inherently joyful and need only step out of your heart's way to let greater love and joy flow through your life. I do not consider myself special as such. However, as a species that has mastered the art of creating widespread suffering, we have fallen far behind in learning how to promote widespread happiness. This is where I hope to be of service to those wanting to come out from under that dark cloud of fear and isolation that has loomed over collective humanity for far too long. It is time to bask in the sun again. 

Courselets And Coffee, Anyone?

And now we have reached that inevitable crossroads where you must decide whether or not I know what I'm talking about. Thankfully, I have taken the risk out of making this decision by offering a FREE mini course from The Ultimate Reality Check course series. I have even created "courselets" to offer a "snack-sized" awakening experience for you to enjoy for as little as $2. Better still, all of my courses are priced within easy reach of anyone from students to pensioners. And for those with far too much money, I am always receptive to donations to help support and further my work here at

Hopefully this gives you sufficient confidence to enrol  in one of my courses. I have also created a personal website to share my creative musings, personality-driven rants and love for animals. You can experience this facet of me at

In closing, I wish you the best in your personal journey to evolve in consciouness and find greater joy in life. 

Roland Kriewaldt, founder,

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