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The Ultimate Reality Check

A Self-Awareness Course

Free your mind; let your inner wisdom guide you to become a more joyfully authentic version of yourself.

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Course Overview:

The Ultimate Reality Check

(Course Series 1)

Instructor: Roland Kriewaldt
Course Duration: 30+ days
Content Includes: 10 Reality Checks /Lessons

Discover the ultimate you within through this extraordinary course filled with thought-provoking questions and fascinating insights. Let the Ultimate Reality Check inspire you.

Course Lesson Excerpts:

On the topic of PRIDE:

"Is getting what you need being hindered by your pretending not to need it?"

[Each lesson in the Ultimate Reality Check course includes enlightening insights and helpful guidance to ensure that you gain the most in awakening to your deeper self.]

Course Feedback:


"Terrific course!"  — D. E. Benning.

"...has really got me thinking. Kudos. — G. Bradshaw.

"Very unique and insightful. Glad I  found this." — S. Price..

"A sequel is in order." — [Anonymous]

"Very good for life problem solving." — L. Chen.

"Much needed wisdom for our times" — L.R. Warren.

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A Social-Awareness Course

Is someone in your life trying to make you feel weak, inferior or incompetent in their efforts to manipulate you? Perhaps you are having an encounter with an Energy Vampire. Learn to protect yourself against these parasitic exploiters of humankind.

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Course Overview:

Energy Vampires 101

(Single Course)

Instructor: Roland Kriewaldt
Course Duration: 30+ days
Content Includes: 14 Profiles / Lessons

Energy Vampires 101 will introduce you to the many kinds of social manipulators that inhabit our world so that you can avoid their selfish traps.

Course Lesson Excerpts:

"Decoys are fake animals used by hunters to attract real animals for killing. A similar strategy is used by the marketers of products and services in setting up Sexual Decoys to attract human prey. But instead of flesh, it will be their money that is consumed.

Today, most advertising uses a Sexual Decoy, namely some attractive young woman or man whose artificially enhanced illusion of physical perfection is meant to attract buyers for anything from cosmetics and power tools to military weapons. But what is not widely advertised is why this well-orchestrated system of enticement works so well, which is why it needs to be revealed here."

Course Feedback:


New course. Awaiting your feedback.

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