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The Ultimate Reality Check

A Self-Awareness Course

The answers are waiting inside, if only you knew the right questions to ask. Awaken your inner knowing and increase your lifelong joy potential with this enlightening exploration of your authentic inner self.

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The Lessons of Laughter

A Self-Awareness Course

Want to be funnier and more entertaining—or just have your mind blown by knowledge not taught in schools? Explore the psychology of laughter and how humor not only affects human health, but also triggers our conscious evolution.

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Food For Thought

A Self-Awareness Course

You'd be amazed what your relationship to food can reveal about your potential for happiness and success.

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No myths, mantras or magic potions—
just practical insights into becoming a more joyfully self-aware human being.

An Introduction To Yourself

We live in a time of great distraction away from ourselves. Today, the coercive forces of mass media, politics and economy keep us perpetually looking outward for our every truth and means to happiness. Compounding their diversions is an institutionalized approach to public education that is more an exercise in memory retention than a legitimate means to self-awareness and mastery of the mind.

Elsewhere, many religions behave just like fast-food franchises, where we rush in to pay the least in time and effort for some depleted morsel of “truth” about our place within life's enduring mystery. Taught to always look beyond ourselves, we have created cultures of joyless, self-disoriented sensory addicts who impulsively look outward for those answers that can only be found within. And yet, to openly question this malignant trend of ignoring our inner quality of life may cause us to be ridiculed or even persecuted. Fearing such punishment, our self-imposed exile into silence only serves to protect all that is diminishing our joy and destroying our world.

As human beings, we are spiritual explorers residing within a fully mobile biological vessel. And like any living creature, we are not designed for a life of capitivity as anonymous, tax-generating units and habitual “consumers” of mass produced goods. Subsequently, we are also not in need of mental repair when feeling out of place as we stumble toward some vague notion of a "better" world as envisioned by bankers, brokers and business cartels. Nor are we crazy for feeling lost or alone in societies that define "community" as groups of economically partitioned homeowners living on the same street, or strangers sharing their every trivial thought with us over the internet. Life is more than 140 text characters deep, and so are you.

What Can Offer You?

As you stare at your screen, wondering what this website is all about, consider that for the price of a cheap bottle of wine, you can learn more here about making yourself happy than in any shopping mall or night school self-improvement course. At, it is recognized that the happier we are as individuals, the happier we will be as societies. ...evidence-based insights that encourage returning to your rightful place as the source of love and power in your life.Subsequently, the nurturing of our individual joy is the priority here. Instead of being socially engineered to "fit in," we encourage you to follow your own inner guidance and answer for yourself that most essential question in anyone's life—“Who am I?” Here, success is not a social contest, but the act of realizing your inherent joy potential as a fully actualized and emotionally complete human being.

In facilitating that goal, each Online Enlightenment Course delivers useful, evidence-based insights that encourage returning to your rightful place as the source of love and power in your life. And with each step forward, you will “know thyself” better and what you truly need, thereby making you a more insightful and potent decision-maker in determining the course of your life. And better still, you may discover that some daunting obstacle to your personal success is just a state of mind that you can change in less time than it takes to enroll in a course.

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General Course Information & FAQ


What Is Enlightenment?

As a species ill-suited to hunt and gather in the dark, we naturally tend to celebrate the light, from the sun's morning rise to our seeking of “enlightenment” to escape those frightful shadows of the greater unknown. In offering enlightenment courses, it was expected that this term would need further clarification.

...genuine truths will always prevail, independent of our preferred beliefs.Today, the meaning of enlightenment suffers from various stereotypes. Many followers of religion, for instance, believe it is some ultimate God-like state of consciousness that mere mortals cannot attain. This is true in part, given that higher states of consciousness do require thinking for ourselves, which is not a popular activity in societies where we are taught to follow leaders and "borrow" our wisdom from authority figures. Subsequently, what many of us think, do or believe is largely based on "second-hand" and therefore potentially unreliable information. This includes how we may define enlightenment on our shared human quest for self-knowledge and spiritual wisdom.

Despite our preconceived notions on the matter, each day ordinary people do reach various levels of enlightenment by way of a powerful Kundalini Awakening, a profound mystical epiphany or a near death experience (NDE)—often to their own greatest amazement. Yet due to an inborne tendency to reference the unknown from the limits of what we currently understand, it is expected that the possibility of conscious evolution or spontaneous mind expansion will be dismissed by those lacking direct experience of such events. Some even interpret such mental states as demonic possession or mental illness, neither of which is true. They are just outside that safe societal box in which all things are predictably "normal" and thereby within our ability to control.

The relentless persecution of Galileo by the Roman Catholic Church is a useful example of how such prejudicial thinking has long stifled humankind's intellectual, social and authentic spiritual development. Ironically, the church later defied its own orthodoxy by adopting those same heretical views. Today, the Earth still rotates around the sun, as it has always done, because genuine truths will always prevail, independent of our preferred beliefs.

Another more agnostic definition of "enlightenment" uses it as a metaphor for acquiring academic knowledge about our world. However, this fails to take into account its powers of psycho-spiritual transformation, wherein those who undergo a genuine enlightenment experience will often have a sudden, dramatic shift in their worldview and personal lifestyle. Furthermore, enlightenment events can trigger uncommon insights into the nature of reality that are unattainable through rigid academic training or ordinary social interaction.

...rather than denying who we are by masquerading as tragic impostors, we purposely seek to engage in the process of our own self-discovery. A more illuminating definition of enlightenment is offered here at, where it is seen as the ongoing process of evolving in consciousness toward ever higher states of self-awareness in our relationship to life itself. This causes us to “know” ourselves at ever deeper levels as we work to actualize the authentic outward expression of our true inner essence. In short, rather than denying who we are by masquerading as tragic impostors, we purposely seek to engage in the process of our own self-discovery.

This kind of enlightenment process is both encouraged and nurtured through the courses we offer. Understandably, some people are not eager to evolve in this way for fear that it will disrupt their comfortable daily life routines or belief system. However, for that increasing number of spiritual seekers who hunger for genuine self-knowledge, there awaits a banquet of nourishing insights in the enlightening courses provided by

Hopefully this has shed some light on the subject of enlightenment. But if you truly want to "know thyself," then Sign Up for The Ultimate Reality Check, a mind-expanding self-awareness course to enhance your enjoyment of life.


How do I enrol?

First of all, thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Online Enlightenment Courses at Your open-minded curiosity has created an opportunity for you to engage in a unique and inspirational adventure of the mind and spirit.

That inner journey begins by viewing the selection of available courses in the right sidebar and finding a topic that appeals to you. When you click on a "click to learn more" button, you will arrive at a more detailed course explanation and links to enrol in the full course or a "courselet," if available.

Courselets can be a complete "mini-course" on a particular topic, or a sampling of what a full course has to offer. Each is designed as a quick, spontaneous learning experience for you to enjoy.

Once you click on the enrol button, you will arrive at the course payment area. Here you can safely and securely choose to pay for your desired course via Paypal, Stripe or other available payment option.

IMPORTANT! When registering, please fill in the part of the form that asks you to create a user name and password. This ensures your immediate access to a chosen course by logging in after payment is complete. Security measures are also in place to protect your account privileges. For this reason, please do not share your login information with anyone to avoid membership disputes.

Also, please note that some courses use a "droplet" teaching technique. As in a regular school, a specific amount of course information is released each day to ensure that you are not overwhelmed by an "information overload." This will help you to better absorb what you are learning.

If you encounter any problems or have site-related issues, use the "support" link in the main menu for customer assistance. This is only available to course subscribers.

Enrollment entitles you to one full year's access to a course from date of payment, unless a specific time limit is indicated for a particular course.

And above all, enjoy yourself here. This is not a test but an adventure of self-discovery in our shared human quest for joy. Subsequently, there is no need to feel performance anxiety or pressure to pass a grade. You learn and grow at your own comfortable pace.

Hopefully this has given you sufficient insight into the enrollment process to choose with confidence a course for your personal development. Now here's a little Reality Check course to get you started.


Who teaches these courses?

Hello, I'm Roland Kriewaldt, the one who creates these online enlightenment courses. I am a writer, musician, designer of colorful websites, caregiver to wild animals in need, and a bed and breakfast provider to hungry feral cats. 

I launched in November of 1999 as a free-access information portal for topics ranging from kundalini spiritual awakenings to media manipulation and my adventures as a touring musician. Recently, after completing the manuscript for my upcoming book on Joy, I decided that needed to better serve my primary ambition, which is to help others overcome their own obstacles to joy in life.

To faciliate this transformation toward a more focussed learning environment, I created a separate personal website for sharing information about myself. In this way, my private musings and mental meanderings would not detract from the more serious purpose of this online educational venue.

So, if you wish to know more about how I maximize my own joy potential and exercise my freedom of self-expression, visit me at You can also find some more information about me and the website on the "about" page.