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Is YOUR Joy Worth the Effort?

An introductory article for new visitors

It's All About Joy

JOY is our primary goal in life. Once we remove the various fearful and competitive urges of biological necessity from our list of daily motivations, what remains is the outward expression of our inner desire for joy. We laugh, we sing, we play; we love, we learn, we explore — all for the sake of feeling greater joy in our lives. 

How we experience JOY is a matter of personal taste. Some of us feel it by engaging in artistic self-expression, while others feel it through their intellectual pursuits and exploring the mysteries of life. We can also experience great joy in the loving company of our pets or in helping others to feel happier. 

Defeating Our Self-Defeating Thoughts

We all share a desire for happiness, yet many of us are hindered in that pursuit by joy-defeating obstacles. Among the more stubborn is our mind and how we choose to think. We may be further disadvantaged if born in a culture that teaches us to glorify suffering or to believe that joy can be bought at a shopping mall. As a result, we may not reach our fullest joy potential if we are being misled or held mentally captive by misguided beliefs.

We all have a strategy for creating joy, a JOY RECIPE that we often follow our entire lives. However, we may also borrow joy recipes from others, which may cause us to go in the opposite direction of where our joy will be found.

One example of joy-defeating behavior is seen in any devoutly religious person who shuns friendly contact with others outside their own religion. Like them, we may also fall victim to our own joy-inhibiting dogma or attitudes. Like them, we may also fall victim to our own joy-inhibiting dogma or attitudes. These can also put self-imposed limits on our lives, which is why we can dramatically increase our joy potential by simply freeing our mind to explore new horizons beyond its presently-held limits.

In becoming more self-aware, we will notice that joy-defeating thoughts will enter our minds under the influence of our fear-based biological instincts of self-preservation rather than our more open-minded freedom-seeking spirit. Luckily, we can overcome many of these self-imposed limitations, but only if we believe that our joy is worth the effort.

In assisting you toward that goal, Enlightenment Courses challenge your assumptions about life and inspire you to see yourself from a far more boundless perspective. In bringing new possibilities to light, you are more fully able to explore your own capacity for creating joy.

As with emotions, it is never easy to explain in words the powerful feelings that can arise from our progress toward inner growth and self-empowerment. Nor is it easy to explain them here. For that reason, the best way to understand what these Enlightenment Courses can do for you is to take a FREE MINI COURSE and prove to yourself that greater JOY is within reach.



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